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Important information
In short, in the server I have a motherboard with two CPU slots, unfortunately one of them is damaged and the equipment works at half power. In the next 2 weeks, I would like to take advantage of the test period of the project and take the motherboard to the service center, where I hope they will repair the slot for the second processor.
What will this mean?
Additional 8 cores and 16 CPU threads and the ability to add up to 128 GB of RAM <- thanks to this, the project server will receive additional resources for the future.
If the project happens to be unavailable, don't be afraid, it's just a service break <- and when not to do it, if not during testing :)
Greetings to everyone and I ask for your understanding
9 Jul 2024, 13:54:21 UTC · Discuss

Project upgrade
I upgrade server software version from 1.1.0 to 1.4.2 <- please give me feedback if everythink is ok.
5 Jul 2024, 22:00:26 UTC · Discuss

Maintance #3
1. serwer_status.php <- i was able to make tunning for refresh stats. Now i can refresh stats every minute withous server troubles
2. results sorter <- script working every 5 minutes to get data from sample_results from assimilator to another folder from which scripts will take results and analyze it
3. mysql <- i make some tunning for it and now server load drop by 60% with the same (or even more) performance
4. mysql <- increase maximum connection from default 150 to 750 to serve more possibility for boinc feeder
5. apache and php8.1-fpm <- tunning process count for handling more connection

2 more information:
1. on 2-3 July i have 3 DDoS attak for my project each one give 2,5 gigabits transfer data and my ISP have to react and limit data to my 800megabits. Durring this attack my project server have to handle almost 15000 connection per second with big load on my disk. If this situation will happen again i will have to change public IP for my serwer and hide him on CloudFlare.
2. durring this weekend i would like to try upgrade project server version from 1.1.0 to newest 1.4.2 <- this means several interruptions in access to the project. I have to be delicate due to the changes I have already implemented to current sources and scripts. Server is still in test mode so this is best opportunity to do it before first production app.

ps.: You askind me about time when i would like to stats something production. I had a plan to start it on 1 July, but i wasn't ready for it and i don't want to make think to fast like last time. I am thinking that in late July and early August will be good time <- but like i wrote i will not be hurry on this.
5 Jul 2024, 6:39:33 UTC · Discuss

Maintance #2
1. generator v.2 <- fix directory problem, which cause "pernament error" on client side
2. directory server was divided into 3 diffrent ZFS disks pool to gain more IOPS operations for every part of projects <- in future database will land on SSD disk
3. created inner jobs pool for projectd include WU generating, result analyzing and every other think i will need
4. preparing 4 test worker to handle jobs from point 3 <- 2 series of WU for app test is generating from this workers and performance look good
5. generator v.3 can now generate inne jobs for workers
6. server status page <- added "Generator status" for every app

Durring next week i am going to generate more faster WU with bigger result file (250-500kb) to check every ascpect of network configurations and it's performance.
28 Jun 2024, 11:45:08 UTC · Discuss

Maintance #1
1. assimilator <- fixed moving file from upload directory to toAnalyze
2. hardware <- increase CPU to 10 and RAM to 32GB
3. mysql <- adjust parameters to new hardware
4. new disk <- disk on second ZFS pool on server for download/upload/toAnalyze directory <- that increase disk operations for project
5. WU generator <- second version run in multiprocess mode so WU generating is 5-6x faster than early
25 Jun 2024, 6:20:57 UTC · Discuss

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