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Message 128 - Posted: 28 Jun 2024, 11:45:08 UTC
Last modified: 28 Jun 2024, 11:51:33 UTC

1. generator v.2 <- fix directory problem, which cause "pernament error" on client side
2. directory server was divided into 3 diffrent ZFS disks pool to gain more IOPS operations for every part of projects <- in future database will land on SSD disk
3. created inner jobs pool for projectd include WU generating, result analyzing and every other think i will need
4. preparing 4 test worker to handle jobs from point 3 <- 2 series of WU for app test is generating from this workers and performance look good
5. generator v.3 can now generate inne jobs for workers
6. server status page <- added "Generator status" for every app

Durring next week i am going to generate more faster WU with bigger result file (250-500kb) to check every ascpect of network configurations and it's performance.
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Message boards : News : Maintance #2

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